GT Lures for sale to target Giant Trevally.

Known as the reef gangster, gangster of the flats, the bully, the GEET, and among many other names, the Giant Trevally or Caranx Ignobilis have been on top of the topwater fisherman’s “to catch” list for decades.

They are insanely aggressive predators and can cause havoc and destruction on gear and angler alike. A well-prepared body and mind are required to tangle with these bullies of the reef.

When hunting for Giant Trevally the reality will hit you hard and it will be brutal.
GT fishing is violent and at some level even a bit scary. It usually goes from zero to 100 in a split second and after walking for sometimes hours you are expected to perform at your best in a split second.

If you’re up for the power trip of a lifetime then these are the lures you will need to target one of the world’s most powerful sport fish. Read further and check out our range of GT Poppers and other types for sale.

Giant Trevally are exceptional hunters that will consistently challenge your angling abilities. They are so smart that they will not fall for fishing lures they have already shunned. Therefore, you need to prepare to change up the game by swapping over to a different GT fishing lure. Having multiple GT fishing lures will give you a chance to bring in Giant trevally regularly. The best lures for GT have been presented for your below.

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