Big Mack Japanese Stickbait


Stickbaits have been designed to put you on the edge of excitement more often, cast towards the edge of that bomby or reef and watch the walk the dog action on the retrieve entice the most aggressive of predators such as giant trevally and tunas.

In addition, you can customise your lure with a single or treble hook according to your fishing style!

Big Mack Japanese Stickbait 24$

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Stickbait is a floating or slow sinking lure with no lip.

These lures remain permanently on the surface and dive only very briefly. They are, without a doubt, those where the fisherman has the most impact on swimming. The absence of lip does not give them the “automatic” wriggling that other types of swimmers have.

In fishing, the swimming of these is determined by the speed of recovery and especially the amplitude of the movements printed with the rod.