Choppy Boy Popper


The ultimate casting lure for big fish – this is a serious stickbait that’s tough enough to go the distance with the meanest saltwater predators.

Choppy Boy Popper 29$

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The Choppy Boy Popper Lure.

A head design that is wide at the top transfers to a widened tail end section. This unique design creates a popper that is ideal for a straight fast retrieve or a stop-start bloop with exceptional splash. It also minimises cartwheeling on the retrieve and the rattle ensures significant noise coupled with the heavy water spraying action.

200mm at 154gr.

This popper lure can be cast a mile and catch fish with any rod work, even by a total novice. With a straight wind, it gives off an erratic swim motion. It can also be worked with a sweeping motion to create a bubbling stream along with the erratic movement.