Mad Dog Stickbait


Time-tested and proven over decades of use, stickbaits are a deadly tool for targeting just about all species of fish from small to large, coldwater and warm water.

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The MAD DOG stickbait is a top of the range, all-around floating stick bait that comes in two sizes: 160mm at 58gr and 190mm at 86gr.

It can be worked in a plethora of different ways:

  • Walking the Dog
    By twitching the rod tip in a downward motion, the stick bait will work side to side mimicking bait feeding.
  • Sweep
    Sweeping the Walker will allow for it to do a shallow dive and create a bubble trail similar to what you will see in other floating stick baits.
  • Skimming
    This action is created by having your rod tip up and skipping the lure whilst pausing intermittently to mimic a wounded alligator gar or flying fish.